About us

Our goal

Flevo Berry is an independent breeding company specialized in strawberries. We want to improve strawberry cultivation. No matter what cultivation method you use, we believe it all starts with a variety that fits perfectly with your way of growing strawberries.

We develop strong varieties which are low on input. We look for varieties that use less fertilizers, can be grown without (chemical) pesticides, are easy to maintain and pick. Still with an excellent yield and without compromising on taste and flavour. To state it bold: we breed better strawberries.

We are a relatively young company. The breeding program of Flevo Berry started in 1999 at Flevoplant and evolved over time. What started with a growing discontent about quality and lack of varietal innovation, soon became an effort to enable all year round strawberry cultivation. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the leading breeders of everbearers in Europe.

With introduction of new (stronger) varieties, like Favori and Sonsation, we changed our efforts. We banned chemical pesticides in our breeding program. Today only the strongest varieties will survive and will make it to the selection process. This allows us to introduce new varieties supporting (a more) sustainable cultivation of strawberries. Since 2019 enabling sustainable strawberry cultivation is one of the main drivers of our company.

Meet the team

At Flevo Berry we all have passion for growing strawberries. We continuously look for people with a similar passion and a background in breeding and cultivation. Interested in joining our team, feel free to contact us at info@flevoberry.nl.

Marcel Suiker


+31 (6) 53415668

Jan van Anken

Commercial Director

+31 (0) 6 13180184

Jan Robben


+31 (0) 651246157

Manon Colenbrander


+31 (0) 6 81450708

Marina Hulscher-Horst


+31 (0) 6 48845067

Marc Schreurs


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Maaike Maerman

Cultivation Manager

+31 (6) 20078072

Rutger Dijsselhof

Cultivation Specialist


Aleksandra Sulkowska

Grower/Field Worker


Thijs Tromp Meesters

Maintenance & Cultivation Specialist


Annemieke Verhagen

Grower/Specialist Pollination & Crossing


Iryna Kravchenko

Grower/Field Worker



Charlotte van Unen

Finance & Control (interim)



Looking for a new variety or a nursery? Please check the varieties and/or partners section first. If you can’t find the information you need or you have a good idea you want to share with us. Feel free to contact us.