Breeding better strawberries

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Florice - a brand new variety with memorable taste

5 November 2022

If taste is what you are looking for, you should try Flevo Berry's brand new Florice. A nice shiny strawberry with a distinct shape and excellent tast...

Falco lives up to its promise, firm and tasteful during summer

15 August 2022

Last year was a excellent Falco year, a junebearer from the Flevo Berry breeding program. Only a few varieties can stand warm and dry summers and Falc...

Favori - becoming one of UK's most important everbearers

1 August 2022

Since many large growers start to be operate more independently from soft fruit marketing agencies the demand for "open" varieties increases significa...

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Our search for strong strawberry varieties

We breed better strawberries. Not just varieties with excellent fruit full of taste and flavour. Our goal is to enable sustainable strawberry cultivation by introducing strong varieties. Varieties which are low in maintenance, less vulnerable for diseases, easier to pick and that can be grown using only biological plant protection. Whether you grow your strawberries the old fashion way in open fields or in a high tech vertical farm we have a variety suitable for your way of working.

Propagation & Sales

We focus on breeding whilst our partners focus on plant propagation and strawberry production. Within Europe we have partnerships with several well-known professional propagators. While some of them focus on fresh and frigo plants, others are more into the production of tips and trays. Looking for someone who can supply plants in your region? Check our propagation & sales partners.

Research & Development

Strawberry breeding is all about selecting and trialing. Annually we cultivate over 50 thousand seedlings. Despite the fact our cultivation specialists work hard to grow the best plants the majority of new crossings is not good enough. Only a few will make it to introduction. The whole process up to introduction takes 8 to 10 years of research. This research is not only done by ourselves. We cherish our partnerships with several leading research institutions and trial sites.

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