Florice - a brand new variety with memorable taste

5 November 2022

If taste is what you are looking for, you should try Flevo Berry's brand new Florice. A nice shiny strawberry with a distinct shape and excellent taste and flavour.

Falco lives up to its promise, firm and tasteful during summer

15 August 2022

Last year was a excellent Falco year, a junebearer from the Flevo Berry breeding program. Only a few varieties can stand warm and dry summers and Falco is surely one of them.

Favori - becoming one of UK's most important everbearers

1 August 2022

Since many large growers start to be operate more independently from soft fruit marketing agencies the demand for "open" varieties increases significantly. One of the varieties that benefits from this trend is Favori. A tasteful everbearer from the Flevo Berry breeding program.