Favori - becoming one of UK's most important everbearers

Since many large growers start to operate more independently from soft fruit marketing agencies the demand for "open" varieties increases significantly. One of the varieties that benefits from this trend is Favori. A tasteful everbearer from the Flevo Berry breeding program.

Since many years Flevo Berry varieties are available on a non-exclusive basis via our partners. If a grower liked one of our varieties he or she could buy plants at one of our partners.

However, when Favori was introduced to the European market, there was an exception made for the UK. This exception only lasted for three years. Since it is know that Favori is available on a non exclusive basis the demand for the variety, well known for its excellent and consistent taste, is growing rapidly.

In May 2022 Jan Robben and Jan Van Anken visited several UK growers to see how Flevo Berry varieties were cultivated. They were amazed about the excellent quality of fruit being cultivated at growers like Hall Hunter, Mansfield and The Summer Berry Company.

The open model of Flevo Berry seems to fit very well with the current trend of large growers to do there business more independently from marketing organizations. These growers indicate the like to have a more direct relationship with retailers, which provides them more stability at a lesser cost.

Especially some of the everbearers of Flevo Berry’s portfolio like Favori, Hademar or Florice seem to provide growers better value than the junebearers that growers were used to cultivate. Considering the results, we would not be surprised if this trend will continue the next couple of years.