A tasty mid-season selection, beautiful punnets of berries

  • Productive junebearer
  • Round short conical berries
  • High tolerance to root diseases
  • Very suitable for table top and green house cultivation
  • Alternative for Sonata

Breeder’s reference: 08-73-05, CVPO application number 2015/2402

Sonsation is a short day variety producing berries in the mid-season. The berries have a sensational taste inviting you to eat the whole punnet at once. The bright red berries with an intensive gloss make the picture complete; if the perfect strawberry exists, Sonsation is getting very close! Sonsation has been developed by the Flevo Berry breeding program and is the first introduction in the mid-season segment.

Sonsation is an easy growing variety producing a compact plant with lovely upturned leafs. Flower trusses are at leaf length and still well protected against spring frost. Flowers have excellent pollen quality ensuring a very well fruit set. Fruits are well displayed and very easy to pick. The first growers trials show a good tolerance to Phytophthora Cactorum but a preventive treatment is advisable. The variety also show a good tolerance to mildew in field conditions. Sonsation needs extra Magnesium in the feeding program.

Harvest and sales
The berries of Sonsation looks a lot like Sonata. They are intense red, conical in shape and very glossy. Sonsation maintains it gloss also under more difficult circumstances ensuring easy sales. The primary berries can be a little grooved. The firmness of the fruit is a little better than Sonata. This firmness together with the pleasant juiciness ensures the great eating quality and makes the fruit not only suitable for direct sales but also for sales through supermarkets at shorter distance.