Large orange-red berries, strong and resilient variety

  • Orange-red large berries
  • Can stand higher temperatures
  • Compact plant, easily producing side-crowns
  • Phytopthora Cactorum tolerant

Breeder’s reference: 08-06-10, CVPO apllication number 2015/2404

Bravura is an everbearing variety with a compact plant type and relatively short trusses. The fruits are sometimes a little hided between the leaves, but therefore protected against high radiation. The fruits are uniform conical shaped with a fresh green calyx. The berries of Bravura are orange colored, never dark red, even if the berries are overripe. 

The taste is sweet with a slightly fresh accent. The fruits are not very sensitive to pressure marks and therefore easily to pick. Periodically, the fruits can be somewhat seedy. About avoiding seedy fruits, some cultivation directions are described in the general cultivation manual for everbearing varieties 

The variety is suitable for open field and very suitable for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems. Bravura easily develops side-crowns with new trusses in it. The leaf area is compact, but leaves a large and bright with a good photosynthesis capacity. 

However the flower quality is always good, flowers can be hidden between the leaves and not easy to find for pollinators. Nevertheless, the fruit shape is usually very good.  The fruit size maintains during the season, even if temperatures are periodically relative high. The healthy leaves have a good photosynthesis capacity. Besides that, the leaves cover the fruits and prevent them for a too high temperature.  A slightly higher amount of potassium in the dripwater can make the fruits a little more intense red. 

High root pressure usually doesn’t cause tipburn in Bravura. In this variety the main symptom is suddenly broken leaf petioles. Bravura is tolerant to Phytophthora Cactorum. The variety also shows tolerance to powdery mildew however in substrate crops prevention is required. 

Harvest and sales
The berries of Bravura are suitable for the retail chains, especially for chains which prefer light colored strawberries. Besides for sales through supermarkets, sales directly to consumers works well too. The shelf life of Bravura is good. The strawberries maintain their taste, gloss and green fresh calyx during storage and transport.