Attractive, bright red and glossy fruit

  • Early variety
  • Attractive glossy strawberries
  • Firm and easy to pick
  • Strong erect crop
  • Alternative for Clery

Breeder’s reference: 10-50-01, CVPO application number: 2015/2401

Dahli is developed for the early start of the season. The combination of earliness, taste and exceptional gloss will surprise your customers. It is one of the most attractive varieties in our portfolio. Dahli has a bright red glossy appearance and berries keep their shine even after storage. It has a very good pollen quality making fruit set perfectly, even under cold spring circumstances. The name Dahli was given in memory of Karl-Heinz Dahl, a famous fruit farmer from Warnsdorf.

The variety is well suited for open soil and tunnel cultivation. Dahli grows as firm erect crop with strong leaf stems. The flower trusses are noticeable short. They grow under the leave canopy, minimizing potential spring frost risk and protecting the berries from rainfall. Berries are well displayed and easy to pick. Dahli has a strong Phytophthora Cactorum tolerance, but some attention for Botrytis is needed.

Frigo plants should be planted as from April to June (4 plants/meter). Fresh plants should be planted end of July till the beginning of August (4 plants/meter). For a good yield a heavy plant with multiple crowns is necessary. Dahli requires extra phosfor, manganese and magnesium.

Harvest and sales
Since its fruit has a good shelf life, attractive presentation and is not sensitive to bruising, Dahli is suitable for direct sales and retail. The harvest period is similar to Clery.