The everbearing standard, taste and flavour throughout the season

  • Award winning taste and flavour
  • Early first flush of excellent fruit
  • Very tolerant to root diseases and mildew
  • Suitable for multiple cultivations systems, best in covered grow systems

Breeder’s reference: 04-75-01, CVPO application number 2011/1346

Favori is a fast growing everbearing variety with large leaves and long flower trusses that protrude above the leaves. The juicy berries are conical, slightly elongated with a pleasant aroma and a sweet taste. Fruits are intense red, have a firm fruit skin and a soft bite. Favori is a multiple winner of public taste tests. Favori berries are not sensitive to bruising.

Favori has on average 7-8 flowers per truss. For a high yield with a well-developed fruit size, an overload of trusses is therefore not desired. During periods with a daylength of more than 16 hours, flower initiation can be too much, which can end up in relatively many small fruits later in the season. Periodically the fruits can be a little seedy. About avoiding seedy fruits, some cultivation directions are described in the general cultivation manual for everbearing varieties.

The variety is suitable for open field and very suitable for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems. The variety performed well under illuminated conditions as a greenhouse winter crop.

Favori is relatively susceptible to tipburn. To avoid or to reduce tipburn it’s recommended to pay attention to a good balance between leaf area and fruit load. A low transport of calcium in the plant can be a reason for tipburn, especially in the first weeks after planting when new roots still have to be builded. After building sufficient roots, the main reason for tipburn is a suddenly high root pressure.

Favori is tolerant to Phytophthora Cactorum. The variety also shows very good tolerance to powdery mildew. Although trusses are long and sturdy, truss breakage almost never occurs with Favori.

Harvest and sales
The berries of Favori are suitable for the retail chains, but also for sales directly to consumers. The excellent taste is a stimulus for repeat purchase. The shelf life of Favori is good. The strawberries maintain their taste, gloss and green fresh calyx during storage and transport.