Everbearer excellence, the most stable variety in our program

  • Large berries with a distinct shape
  • Excellent taste and flavour throughout the season
  • Easy to pick, not sensitive to bruising
  • Strong tolerance to root diseases
  • Suitable for multiple cultivation systems

Breeder’s reference 13-115-12, CVPO application number 2021/2779 (in application), commercially available via our propagation partners in 2024.

Florice is a productive everbearing variety with beautiful large berries. Fruit maintains its size during the season. The berries have a very distinct short conical shape and taste excellent. Just like the size of the fruits, the taste is stable and brix levels remain high during the season. The strawberries are intense-red, firm and are not very susceptible for pressure marks.

The variety is suitable for open field production under covering and for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems. Overwintering in covered soil cultivation on ridges is possible and can give a high yield early in the season. The variety can handle more extreme weather conditions well. The first experiences with greenhouse cultivation of Florice during summer are quite good.

The first flush is relatively early in the year comparable to Clery, an early ripening short-day variety. To obtain the highest yield and best plant balance use heavy trayplants for substrate cultivation. By planting a heavy trayplant the harvest gap towards the second flush will be minimal. If the balance between vegetative and generative growth is maintained well, the production will be stable and continuous.

Florice develops on average 4-5 flowers on each truss. Therefor fruit size is large and well maintained during the season compared to other everbearers. The pollen quality is good and the fruit set in general is perfect. Florice is strong against root diseases and quite tolerant to powdery mildew. However, some prevention against mildew is advisable. Florice does not have specific fertilization needs.

Harvest and sales
The berries of Florice are suitable for direct sales and retail.  Since the harvest is well spread-out, without big gaps your customers can enjoy a constant supply of delicious berries. The color and shape of the strawberries are comparable to the most common short-day varieties, which makes acceptation in the market more easily.