A very productive variety, easy to keep in balance

  • Very productive everbearer
  • High consistent yield of firm berries
  • Open crop, easy to keep in balance
  • Prevention on Phytophtora Cactorum is required

Breeder’s reference: 03-61-04, CVPO application number: 2008/1320

Florina is a very productive everbearing variety, producing glossy bright red berries. The conical berries are relatively light red, very juicy and have a good texture. The fruits have a fresh taste, but not a special pronounced aroma. The fruits are easy to pick with a high picking performance.

The variety is suitable for open field production and for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems as well. If planted in open field, special attention to Phytophthora Cactorum is required. Planting on a fresh and healthy soil is necessary. Florina is compared to our other varieties more susceptible. In soil crops it’s therefore highly recommended to cover the field with tunnels from the end of August, when the circumstances for appearing Phytophtora Cactorum increase due to more humid conditions.

The balance between vegetative and generative growth is usually good with Florina and the production pattern is fairly continuously. The start of the harvest is relatively early compared to most other everbearing varieties, planted the same day.

For Florina it’s important to plant not too deep. The rhizome should not be buried, because new crowns develop from the lower part of the rhizome. For the best yield it’s recommended to remove the first flower trusses, at least when bare root frigo plants were planted.

Florina is not very susceptible to powdery mildew, but prevention in substrate crops is required. In warm and rainy periods, pay attention to Colletotrichum and Botrytis.

This variety needs sufficient magnesium and manganese, however too much increasing of manganese in the substrate must be avoided. Potassium must be made available sufficiently to keep a good fruit quality during a long season.

Harvest and sales
The berries of Florina are suitable for the retail chains, due to the light color.  The shelf life of Florina is good, provided the fruits are picked without damage and not overripe. The fruits do not darken during the storage and transport.