Great taste combined with a high yield

  • Productive everbearer
  • Easy growing crop, fast growth of new side crowns
  • Excellent fruit set also during warmer period
  • Relative sensitive fruit skin
  • Tolerant to root diseases, thrips and mildew

Breeder’s reference: 07-75-10, CVPO application number: 2013/2225

Furore is a very productive everbearing variety, producing glossy bright orange-red berries. The conical shaped berries are very juicy and have a good texture. The fruits have a well-balanced sweet-sour taste, which impress during tastings tests. During hot weather, especially after warm nights the fruit skin can be relatively sensitive, but ripe berries do not easily tear under the calyx.  

The variety is suitable for open field production under covering and for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems. Overwintering in a covered soil cultivation on ridges is possible and can give a high yield early in the season.

Furore is an easy generative growing variety which needs a stimulus for vegetative growth. Sufficient growth of new green leaves is needed to counter aging of the plants, which will decrease the harvest period.  To avoid aging, we recommend frequent removal of worn-out leaves.

The harvest dip after the first flush is usually limited and new flowers appear very soon. Furore develops easily new side-crowns, which is a guarantee for sufficient flowers and fruits during the season. Furore is tolerant to Phytophthora Cactorum. Powdery mildew can appear, especially in substrate cultivation. Preventive measures against mildew are therefore recommended

Flowers of Furore can be hidden between the leaves, so timely truss teasing is required. If truss teasing doesn’t happen timely, lots of misshapen fruits can be a result.

To further avoid premature aging of the crop, it’s required to keep the levels of boron and manganese in the substrate moderate. When providing these elements at a normal level give sufficient water to avoid increasing the boron and manganese levels to harmful levels.

Harvest and sales
The berries of Furore are suitable for the retail chains and for direct sales to consumers.  The shelf life of Furore is good, provided fruits are picked without damage and not overripe. During hot weather and after warm nights, the fruit skin is more susceptible. In this situation fruits can be picked best as early as possible in the morning.