Continuous high production of firm berries during the season

  • Round conical berries
  • Very productive everbearer
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Strong against root diseases and tolerant to powdery mildew

Breeder’s reference: 10-17-02, CVPO application number 2015/2405

Hademar is a highly productive everbearing variety, producing beautiful round conical berries. The taste of the round-conical fruits is sweet and fruity. The strawberries are firm and are not very susceptible for pressure marks, even if the temperature is relatively high.

The variety is suitable for open field production under covering and for cultivation on substrate in covered grow systems. Overwintering in a covered soil cultivation on ridges is possible and can give a high yield early in the season. A good condition of the soil, without wet spots is an important condition to create a balanced growth.  

Hademar is a generative growing plant which need a continuous vegetative stimulus, to create new leaves as a counterpart to the abundant formation of flower buds. In general for every two developing berries, you need one compound leaf. If there are much more fruits developing compared to the amount of leaves, a lack of net photosynthesis will result in the appearance of misshapen fruits. Usually it’s easy to find the reason or the period the misshapen fruits are initiated: 27.000 growing degree hours before appearing as a misshapen fruit, there was something wrong in the plant balance. 

Hademar requires limited crop maintenance. A wide green canopy and sufficient amount of leaves, is crucial for a successful Hademar crop. Cutting of green leaves must be limited as much as possible. Yellowing leaves should be removed to open the crop and give new leaves light to develop. Trusses of Hademar are long and protrude above the crop. Truss teasing is therefore easy. Most trusses come down naturally. Hademar is strong against root diseases and tolerant to powdery mildew.

Harvest and sales
A well balanced Hademar plant will be very productive and you will harvest a high percentage of first class berries. The berries are suitable for the retail chains and for direct sales to consumers as well.  The harvest is well spread-out, without big gaps. If the balance between vegetative and generative growth is maintained well, the production will follow a continuously high pattern.