Exceptionally late variety suitable for low fertile soils

  • Harvest 10 days after Faith
  • Full of flavour, especially when picked fully ripe
  • Very low on input, robust and vigorous growing plant
  • Tolerant to most root and leaf diseases
  • Suitable for poor soils

Breeder’s reference: 10-81-17, CVPO application number: 2015/2404

Magnus is a very late June bearing variety. It is a true low input variety from the Flevo Berry breeding program. The variety has large attractive, conical, bright red fruits with a pleasant taste. The picking performance of Magnus is better than other varieties in the same season. The plants of Magnus have an extensive and profound root system, resulting in an easy vegetative growth. The high percentage of first class fruit, taste and very late picking period (ten days after Faith) make Magnus a very interesting variety for late season open soil cultivation. The name Magnus is a tribute to Magnus Axelsson, a Swedish grower and ambassador for Flevo Berry varieties in Sweden.

Magnus is a very robust and vigorous growing plant with medium green, large sized, glossy leaves. When planting you can use frigo plants between mid April til mid June or fresh plants mid August. The variety requires a wide planting distance (minimum of 33 cm). We advise a very low (no) feeding strategy. Vigorous growing plants start to initiate flowers late and adding (nitrogen) fertilization will delay the start of flower initiation. Magnus should not be planted on fertile soils with a relative high nitrogen content. Besides this, Magnus is one of the easiest growing varieties of Flevo Berry.

Harvest and sales
The conical berries of Magnus are firm and have an attractive appearence. Since the harvesting period is very late they are an alternative for Malwina in direct sales, but the fruit can also be marketed via retail since the berries have a good shelf life.